Footballers Union of Zimbabwe

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1. To provide,promote,facilitate and safeguard proper welfare and condition of former,current and future football players

2.To develop an awareness of proper working conditions 

3.To negotiate for improvement of working conditions of footballers and these conditions include issues such as

  1. Wages and
  2. Healthy and safetyconditions which include sick benefits and approved working playing fields
  3. Maternity leave and child care
  4. Hours of work and fringe benefits
  5. Pensions,bonuses and other terminal benefits
  6. Housing ,education,insuarance and funeral benefits

4.To carry out educational training programmes for the members through facilitting seminars on HIV& AIDS, study schemes and scholarships both local and abroad

5.To carry out social reserch and economic analysis for the benefits of the members

6.To provide legal advic to the members and  provide representation of players at hearings

7.To help resolve disputes arising between its members and thefootball clubs and any other relevant  bodies

.8 To represent fotballers at national,regional,continental and international level