Footballers Union of Zimbabwe

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FIFPro Division Africa conducts professionalism seminar for FUZ administration

The FIFPro Division Africa Secretary General, Stephane Burchkalter, and Director of Communication, Stephane Saint-Raymond, were in Harare to conduct a seminar on professionalism for the Footballers Union of Zimbabwe administration. The seminar, which ran for two days from the 14th to the 15th of November 2013, was held at the Rainbow Towers  hotel and was attended by members of the FUZ executive and secretariat. The leadership of the players union in Botsawana, Kgosana Masaseng and Vincent Phiri also attended the seminar.

The seminar focused on issues that include a deeper understanding of FIFPro and FIFPro Division Africa, members developments, standard of professionalisation and strategy and perspectives for the future. As a new FIFPro Full Member, FUZ was urged to propel to new and greater heights and to comply with standards that are congruent with FIFPro regulations. The Division Africa leadership urged FUZ to adopt and implement new development startegies that will see the players union increasing its influence and presence to soccer players and all football stakeholders.

Prior to visiting Zimbabwe, the FIFPro delegation was in Namibia. From Zimbabwe they left for South Africa as they continue with a continental visit to unions within the Division Africa.